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Learn With Online Courses

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Our mission is to help you learn with online courses that fit your needs.

Many of us have busy lives. Getting to and from work, taking the kids to soccer practice, trying to fit in a dinner invitation or your exercise routine can be challenging. Finding the time to learn new skills be difficult. It can often be best to learn with online courses.

At Osha, we point you to quality online courses that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Make learning fun.

When You Learn With Online Courses You Can Get 1000% More Instruction

1000% More?

Just think about it:

The average cost of 1-hour in-person voice or music lesson could get you access to some of the best online courses for 30-60 days..sometimes more!


So you could have hours of material to practice with every day for weeks and weeks, for the same cost as a 1-hour lesson in-person. Simply pick a new chapter you want to learn with online courses and practice something different every day. Just imagine how much you would improve with 20 minutes a day.

Learn With Online Courses
Learn with Online Courses

Hello I’m Benoit

Welcome to my site. I enjoy getting people to learn with Online Courses, and This website is designed to help you pick the best. Whether you want to learn how to sing, play a musical instrument, start an exercise program, or even start a course about Bitcoin, we have some suggestions.

We are dedicated to reviewing the best online music learning courses and guides to self-improvement in both health and Finances.

Some of the Lessons are free and others are with a paid subscription. All are valuable. As a disclaimer a few of these online courses do give us some payment when they get a new customer that is referred from us, but we do not give favourable reviews to those websites that do not deliver high quality content to customers. Those website do not even make it onto our site.

I hope you find this information useful and apply it to your empowerment.

But Wait!!! Is the Quality of an Online Course the Same?

In Reality: They Can Be Better Than Live Lessons

Most of us don’t have world class teachers minutes from where we live. When you learn with Online Lessons, however, ¬†you have access to top quality teachers and performers at any time of the day and for any type of lesson. How to sing better. How to play an Instrument. Dateing Advice. What is Bitcoin Tutorials.Etc…

Learn At Home

If you can connect to the internet you can learn from where ever you want. Breakfast in bed has now become university in bed.

Less Expensive Options

When you learn with Online Lessons you can make your education much more cost-effective. You share the cost with all of the other members while avoiding the expense of travel, parking, textbooks etc…

Loads of Content

Unlimited access to Articles, Video, or even to live teachers. Lessons catering to your current level; beginner or advanced.

Get Expert Tutorials In The Comfort Of Your Home

The Internet has changed everything. We live in the age of information, and that means just about anything you want to learn is just a few mouse clicks away.

Improvement in video and audio quality coupled with computing speed and memory improvements have made things like online singing Lessons almost like have a personal singing coach in your living room.

And it is not limited to that.

You can find top quality online lessons for Guitar, Piano, Bitcoin, Dating and more… and take those lessons with you anywhere and at any time.

Imagine learning a new instrument while working the graveyard shift, or during a spare from school.

The only thing that can stop you is YOU!!!

online voice lessons
What is Bitcoin, Text Your Ex Back

You Can Learn Any Musical Instrument Online - And You Can Start Today!!

It doesn’t matter if you want to become a virtuoso or a weekend warrior, a good Online course will equip you with the proper instruction needed to become a better musician.

Online Music Lessons have become the best way to learn music.

We have some recommendation for a few different online courses in the links below:

Online Lessons For Almost Anything:

When you learn with online courses the sky is the limit. Maybe you are not interested in Music, but you do want to find a way to get back with your ex…

Maybe you want to learn a little bit more about what all this talk about Bitcoin is about.

See our recommendations through the following links:

What is Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin

Video Exercise Courses

Course Reviews Coming Soon

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What are The 3 Best Ways to Learn Guitar?

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osha30hourtrainingcourses.com was a website that used to provide certifications in General Industry and Construction safety. You can still learn with online courses in the old format but we are now dedicated to reviewing alternate online programs within the music, dating and finance genre and no longer provide our own online courses for any type of certification.
Regards, Benoit.