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Music lesson reviews

Learning to play an instrument is more affordable and easier to access than ever before. You no longer have to be wealthy or live next door to someone who can teach you how to play. Now, unlike ever before, all of us can learn the instrument of our choice from wherever we are whenever we want to.

At Tis Music we make it a point to look at several different options that are out there. All of which will help you become a better musician and all of which have different strengths and weaknesses. To watch or read some of our video reviews click on the links below.

At present our Reviews concentrate on Piano, Guitar, and Vocals. We are however, expanding our scope to include reviews of other instrument courses, while we update and upgrade our current review articles and video’s.

If you have a good online program that you think we should review for other students, then please let us know and we can look into it. The internet is a big place so there may be more quality online music courses than we have reviews for.

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