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What Are The Best Methods To Learn Guitar?

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If you want to learn how to play guitar then there are a few ways to begin your journey. Online guitar Lessons, App, or face to face, our Free guide will help you to put some perspective on whatever method you choose.

TIS MUSIC: Top 4 Picks for Online Guitar Lessons

Here is our list of the best online guitar lessons or how to learn guitar courses for this year – 2018.

We have selected our list because they provide a few different options and are the best in their respective class.

Both Guitar Tricks and Jamplay provide a free trial that you should take advantage of.


RankWebsiteLogoSkill LevelCost (per Month)FeaturesFull Review
1.Guitar TricksGuitar Lessons onlineBeginner to Advanced$19.95Free Trial 2 weeksRead Review
2.JamPlayGuitar Teachers OnlineBeginner to Advanced$19.95Free Trial 1 weekRead Review
3.ArtistWorksinstrument lessonsBeginner to Advanced$35.00Sample LessonsRead Review
4.TrueFirehow to learn guitarNon-Beginners$19.95Free TrialRead Review

1. Guitar Tricks

Online Guitar lessons

Guitar Tricks is our top pick

Insofar as online guitar lessons go, there is none better than Guitar Tricks. They boast hundreds of hours of detailed instruction video’s that include all types of music, and very likely, many of your favorite tunes.

There is just no comparison between Guitar Tricks and any Apps or games when it comes down to the effective learning of the guitar.

Easy To Learn

A step by step process to learning guitar has been well established in this program. Even an absolute beginner can get a feel for things after a few of the introductory videos.

Well Established Platform

Guitar tricks started in 1998 and have come a long way since then. With a lesson library of over 11,000 and a song library above 600 sings (and growing). They boast world-class instructors.

All Levels of Users

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player there is something here for you. New updates are consistently added to meet the demand of their customer base.


You will get them if you use this platform. Having been online for so many years, Guitar Tricks has a lot of positive testimonials and video that show accomplished players that have learned on their program.

Online Guitar course

This is one of many resources available teaching how to play guitar and it is, in our humble opinion, the best. The good new is that you don’t have to take our word for it because they offer a 14 day free trail.

2. JamPlay

how to play Guitar

JamPlay is another top pick

You may have found other reviews that tell you the same thing and when you see people creating lists of the best online guitar lessons Jamplay and Guitar Tricks are often at the top. With Good reason.

The main distinction point between the two top dogs is that Jamplay offers more flexibility in the live learning arena and has a bit of a community structure.

Large Community

Live lessons on an ongoing basis, daily if needed. All of the live lessons also get archived which means there is a consistent output of new content to study. These live lessons are very interactive and fun.

For Everyone

They have a three-phase lesson program and an additional songwriting section. 20 different instructors have supplied all types of beginners courses. Thos more advanced players also have lots of content to learn from.

HD Video Content

The videos are well captured and offer many different camera angles as well as a 4K option on some of the newest additions. The high quality is present in every detail of the visuals.

Plenty of Content

Thousands and thousands of HD video lessons with new ones being added each week due to the live lessons. You will run out of time before you exhaust all the material they have.

online guitar lessons

Choosing between JamPlay and Guitar Tricks is not easy. They are hands down the best two option for learning guitar online. Making the decision is, quite frankly, just a personal preference. The good news is that Jamplay also offers a Free Trial period of 7 days. Try it out for yourself.

3. ArtistWorks

learn guitar online

If you have looked at our “how to play Piano” page you would have already seen some commentary about ArtistWorks, and that is because it is not limited to only online guitar lessons.

With ArtistsWorks you buy a membership which gives access to a specific instructor or “school.” You purchase a 3, 6 or 12-month plan with an instructor who teaches the musical genre that you want to learn.

Video Exchange

This is a great feature that lets users record and sends a video of themselves playing, and then get personal feedback from the instructor. The closest thing to in-person lessons.

Plenty of Content

The, previously mentioned, video exchange feature also gives access to a large archive of other students who have submitted videos, so you can follow your fellow class mates.

High Quality

The videos are well captured and offer many different camera angles as well as a 4K option on some of the newest additions. The high quality is present in every detail of the visuals.

For Everyone

The “schools” are designed for every level of guitar player, so once again, like all well designed learn how to play guitar courses, there is something for every skill level.

instrument lessons

ArtistsWorks is one of our top recommendations because it is a bit different than some of the others, and with an option to learn some other instruments it might be even better for some of you.

4. Truefire

learn guitar online

We have done a full review on TrueFire which you can access by clicking Here.

We feel that the options already presented are better for most of our readers but  we still give TrueFire an honorable mention.

Advanced Users

Many topics and many courses that are best suited for those players who are already somewhat familiar with the guitar.

Loads of Content

Well over 20,000 Video lessons and counting. You can find everything in any style that is of interest to you.

how to learn guitar

Again we really think that this is a good option but better suited to more advanced players. While they do have beginner courses they are not as well structured as some of their competitors. If, however, you are good enough to skip that portion of the training then, by all means, check out what TrueFire has to offer.


There are so many different online guitar courses that teach you how to play guitar. Finding one that fits you best is entirely in your hands and only you know what you want. It is our intention to help you get a better understanding of the options out there to assist you in your selections. We firmly stand by our top two choices of Jamplay and GuitarTricks, but please check out our other comparisons on reviews.


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