Learn Music Online – ArtistWorks Review

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ArtistWorks is an excellent website if you want to learn music online. They offer multiple different courses on a large variety of instruments. It is for this reason that it turns up in more than one of our top recommendations lists.

ArtistWorks Lessons:

  • Learn How to play Guitar
  • Learn how to play Piano
  • ┬áHarmonica, Flute, Trumpet, French Horn, Clarinet
  • ┬áViolin, Mandolin, Cello, Ukulele

While Artistworks is not our number choice in either online piano lessons or guitar lessons it is our number one for a variety of other wind and string instruments. There is much less offered in the marketplace for some of the alternate instruments and thus ArtistWork really does provide the best online music lessons for them. It follows a similar format to both the online guitar lessons and the learn piano course. Uncommon instruments can be a lot of fun.

To Reiterate – Our Tops picks are:

Top Pick for Online Guitar Lessons

learn Guitar online

The best solution for beginners. It offers the most content, best value, and a free trial. Watch our full review.

Top Pick for Online Singing Lessons

How to sing online lessons

The best course for the best price point if you want a course for vocal lessons. Artistworks does not offer voice lessons at the time of this review.

Top Pick for Online Piano Lessons

Learn Piano Online

Top pick for online Piano lessons is Playground Sessions. Learn songs and theory in a fun way. Watch our review.

But Why Do We Still Recommend ArtistWorks

Because it is a very good course to learn music online, and boasts a large variety of lesson modules and types. It also has one big distinction that may be more suited to some students….

The Video Exchange Feature.

This is the closest thing that you will find to face to face in person lessons, where you can get feedback and see the other students all from the comfort of your own home.

This is something not offered by the other top picks but is an option that provides great value at a much more affordable price than in-person lessons.

The video exchange feature is an extra cost but is well worth it for those who need that personal touch. You simply record yourself playing a song and send it in. From there, one of the instructors will create a response video with pointers and tips specific to your submission. These videos are accessible around the clock.

You also have access to the videos created by other students and the feed back given to them from their instructors. This mean that you will never run out of material to learn from.

Get A Full Lesson List From Their Official Site Here>>