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Online Guitar lessons
Guitar Lessons online

With more and more competition entering the online marketplace Guitar Tricks is still king in 2018 as far as online guitar training goes.

You can view our full detailed video review of guitar tricks below or you can just sign-up with them for a 14 day free trail by clicking this link.

There are so many different online programs teaching how to play guitar that we could literally create dozens of reviews. Everyday more people post there videos onto youtube offering guitar lessons, some free some not. So why, if you can get guitar lessons for free would you pay for a learn guitar online course?

The quickest answer is professional structure.

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Online Guitar Lessons - Guitar Tricks - More Info

Guitar Tricks is a very excellent and easy to use program that delivers its information on their innovative Core Learning Platform.

This is the type of structured system that separates the good how to play guitar courses from the bad, and one of the central reasons why a paid course generally offers so much more value. Simply put the student learns the instrument faster and with more applicable knowledge.

The lesson structure builds from one lessons to the next. Setting you up with new skills and then applying them in more complex execution from song to song, riff to riff.

The Guitar Tricks core learning system has been so effective that several other online guitar courses have started to employ a similar structure to their lesson curriculum. If its easy to use and effective then why wouldn’t they copy it?

Core System Screen Shot

Learn Guitar Online

Constantly Growing Song Lesson List

online guitar lessons

With step-by-step lessons that are easy to apply and an ever-increasing song list to choose from Guitar Tricks towers over almost every other online guitar lessons course offered.

We review a few others click here>> Guitar lessons online to see some of the reviews of guitar tricks competition. There are many reasons why this is our top pick.


Huge Song Library

More than 700 songs are already recorded and ready for you to learn.

One on One Coaching

This is the closest you can get to in-person training. It is an upgrade that costs extra but is well worth it.

Personalized Lesson Plan

This is an extension of the 1on1 coaching. It provides customized lesson plan, Feedback, and email support.

HD Video Lessons

The high quality of the video and audio is excellent. Everything is clear and crisp with several different camera angles to assist learning.

So Many Great Reasons to Use Guitar Tricks

We cover a lot of items in our video review above, but for those of you who just want a few bullet about Guitar Tricks.

  • Awesome Video Lessons
  • A two week free trail
  • Option for one on one coaching (limited spots available – extra cost)
  • Full song library
  • Money back guarantee
  • Excellent course structure
  • Good for Beginners, intermediate, and advanced players
  • 20 years of online guitar lessons experience
  • Membership style site – giving access to everything once logged in
  • Affordable price


online guitar lessons
learn guitar online
how to play guitar

A Few Online Guitar Lesson Screenshots of Guitar Tricks

In Summary

With a free trial option available we see no reason why you shouldn’t give Guitar Tricks a try. With a 20 year track record and customer testimonial to the moon and back. Guitar tricks continues to be our number one recommendation for how to play guitar learning via online guitar lessons.