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Jamplay is another of our top picks. When choosing between Jamplay and Guitar Tricks it really is a matter of style preference. Both are excellent guitar lessons online training platforms and, with some practice, you can learn how to play guitar with either.

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Jamplay has recently made some adjustments to improve the section that focuses on beginner training. It used to be a little cumbersome, but has since improved and is much easier to use.

Since the changes, their live courses are all archived.


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A Look Inside Jamplay's ONline Guitar Lessons

Jamplay offers the widest variety of music genres within its program. Its core product is the huge volume of HD video lessons which are separated into 4 basic categories:

  1. Beginners
  2. Genres & Skills
  3. Songs
  4. Songwriting

Once logged in you will start off at your own personal dashboard (screenshot below – left) that keeps track of your personal progress. Here you can see the which lessons you have watched, badges or points you have earned, and your overall profile.

Jamplay also has an online community with events and discussions happening all the time. You can find members and teachers who are online and interact with them. (Screenshot below – Right)

Guitar lessons Online Training
Guitar Lessons online Training

Jamplay also offers Live lessons which can be found on their Lice Webcam Schedule page. These are great because you can follow along and ask the instructor questions. There is an extra cost here.

Another option is the Active Course schedule. These are set at a specific time each week and are archived so you can view them later if needed.

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Music lessons for guitar online

With a massive overhaul of the Beginner section that happened just recently, Jamply has made its program much easier to use. The data within the course is massive so there really is no question of whether or not the student gets value for their money.

There are literally over 5000 High Definition Video lessons. As an example, they have 180 HD videos that specialize in fingerpicking style.

Jamplay offers guitar lessons online training for specific songs organized by artist/title, genre, difficulty rating, and teacher.

They even have more than 100 video lessons to aid with songwriting for both acoustic and electric guitars.

Final Thoughts - Jamplay - Guitar Lessons Online Training

Jamplay is one of the best resources for guitar lessons online training. With a free trial as well as a 30-day money back guarantee there really is no risk to the user. They have different pricing options for monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans and have sales from time to time.

The video is all high quality and the newest videos are upgraded to 4k. You as the students always have the option to choose what level of quality you want to view the online training in.

Multiple camera angles on most of the video lessons make this a slam dunk. (Screenshots below)

If you what to learn guitar it is one of the best options out there.

Guitar lessons online training at its finest.

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