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With 25,000 video lessons, Truefire is the largest online guitar lessons resource available. The videos are high quality, the cost is good, and there are a wide variety of styles that the student can pursue. This is another very good guitar lessons program.

So why is this not our top recommendation?

Most of the feedback from people who visit our website comes from people just starting how to learn guitar.  So while TrueFire is a program that is loaded with content that could be very useful for those of you who already have the basic playing skills, it does not have a structure that facilitates beginner learning. Not compared to our other top pick. See those reviews click here.

There is a beginner section within Truefire. It is composed of various curriculums presented by different instructors teaching different styles and this is great for people who already have an idea of what they need to learn.

In our opinion, however, the lack of a step by step progression for the pure beginner, is where TrueFire falls short. There are some courses within the overall training which are tagged as a beginner but you need to hunt them down.

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Classrooms & Workshops - Truefire Guitar Lessons

We do not mean to sound all ho-hum about Truefire because at the end of the day it really is an excellent resource, it simply just falls a little short of some of the other online guitar lessons. At least in terms of our average readers skill level and focus.

Where it does shine is in their classrooms and workshop are. These are really excellent. This is the epitome learning guitar lessons online. They cost extra but replicate the in-person instruction experience as best as possible.

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Online Guitar Lessons - Closing Thoughts About TrueFire

Truefire has plenty of lessons and you can learn all the techniques needed to play any song or song genre that you want. It does not, however, provide instruction for specific songs or contain a song library like some of the competition.

Again, this is why we feel the Truefire online course is best suited for intermediate skill level guitar lessons.

It does offer a 30-day free trial giving access to everything excluding one-on-one instructors. The Video content is high quality and, as mentioned, is very extensive. Being a more advanced guitar player myself, I have enjoyed many of their courses.

So if you are already a functional player then, by all means, check out Truefire as an online guitar lessons resource. Follow the link below.