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Learn to play piano online

Tips To Stay Motivated On Piano

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Piano players spend many hours perfecting their skills keeping focus and disciplined are key. Here some pointers to help you on your journey.

Do you want to learn piano at an accelerated speed?

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How to play piano

Online Piano Lessons - The Top 4 Websites

There are dozens of different online tools that will help you with how to learn Piano, and we have looked at many of them. They are not all equal. To save you some time we have selected 4 of them that have different features that you will find more or less valuable depending on your specific needs.


RankWebsiteLogoSkill LevelCostFeaturesFull Review
1.Playground SessionsOnline program for pianoBeginner to Advanced$9.99 per MonthLifetime Membership Savings
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2.Flowkeyonline piano courseBeginner to Advanced$9.99 per MonthFree Trial
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3.ArtistWorksinstrument lessonsBeginner to Advanced$23.25 per MonthFree Sample Lessons
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4.Piano For Allonline piano lessonsBeginner to Intermediate$49.00 One Time PaymentLowest Cost Online
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Below, are some of the best tools to help you learn piano in a few short weeks.

It takes commitment and practice but you can dramatically improve you skills.

By following through with some of our recommendations, it is literally impossible not to get better.

The SECRET. It’s Simple:

Proper instruction, mixed with practice. (That’s it!)

You control the power to practice and are 100% responsible. There is no one else that can do this for you.

While it is not impossible to teach yourself without any instruction, it makes no sense to do so when there are many different tools to assist you that are both affordable and effective.

Does it make sense to learn in 20 hours what you can learn in 1 or 2 hours just so you can save $50? No it doesn’t.

Teaching yourself to play just takes way too long and it’s time and additional frustration that you don’t need to spend.

We are here to assist you in finding the best instruction program, and a tool to make your piano lessons fun and effective.

1. Playground Sessions

how to play paino

Playground Sessions is our top choice.

The software is suitable for beginners and advanced piano players alike. It has a top tier format in which it delivers lessons which make it easy to navigate.

The software provides a means by which one can learn piano by playing their favorite songs. This is great because it keeps the student interested and more motivated to practice.

It is designed in three levels, each of which has different levels within, meaning that you can go straight to the skill level that you need.

Lessons are accessible at any time, and there is a scoring system built in to give you consistent feedback on your progress. This game like aspect makes it a lot more fun.

The in-person style lessons make this software better than any App and we have not found a piano learning website that is any better than Playground Sessions.

You can learn Piano very effectively with this tool alone.

Good For All Levels
Beginner or Advanced you will benefit with the use of this software.

Online or Offline Use
Once you have downloaded the software you can practice with it offline. You only need to get back online if you want to participate in the forum/online community or to download more songs.

Simple Interface
If you have a keyboard that has a USB or Midi connection then you can set it up to get instant feedback as you play. Don’t worry though, all the lessons will still work if you are playing on a traditional piano.

Why is This Our #1 Recommendation?

learn piano online

In our opinion, it is the best and most complete tool and works effectively to make learning more fun.

Many of the competitors lose the in-person feel or make the learning seem cumbersome. Many App’s become more about “the game” than about learning the instrument, but Playground Sessions keeps the focus on piano lesson progress.

It really does combine the best of learning and the game like fun found in other Apps.

Video Review of Playground Sessions Here

2. Flowkey

How to learn Piano online

Flowkey is our second overall pick.

But it is our first pick as an App. The set up is such a breeze that you can literally be up and running in minutes. It’s easy to use interface means that you are learning how to play piano a few moments after you install the App. Sign up and start learning…So Easy.

It is different from many other Apps that focus so much on the game element. Flowkey is not a game, it is a tool to learn piano, which is, of course, what you want these Apps for in the first place.


So Easy to Use
It is interactive and effective, practice in several modes with no required set up. Literally, sign up for a free account and start learning.

Big Song List
A big library with over 500 songs of multiple genres. We give this a thumbs up for those of you who want to learn specific songs.

Free Trial
With Flowkey you can get started without any cost. Play with the program to see if it fits your needs and then sign up for a membership if it does suit you. All at a reasonable price point.

This Our #1 APP Recommendation

online piano course

While Flowkey is not as in-depth a how to learn piano program compared to Playground Sessions, its ease of use and position as an Application make it an obvious choice for someone who wants ease of access and a starter course.

Video Review of Flowkey Here

3. ArtistWorks

Learn piano online

These are the closest instructions that we have found compared to real in-person lessons, and that is why we include ArtistWorks at #3 of our overall recommendations.

We have picked a few different types of online lessons to meet the needs of the various user out there.

If you are someone who likes the personal touch in a piano lesson then ArtistWorks might be a better fit for you.

Jazz. Popular, or Classic Piano
Different musical genres are offered. This is contingent upon the teachers that they have on the site. With different teachers come different styles.

Fully Comprehensive Lessons
Teachers cover the fundamentals and advanced techniques. The video Lessons have a personal feel and there is an opportunity to get personal feedback. All lessons from a teacher are made available allowing you to work at your chosen speed.

Browse Through Example Vids
There are several sample video’s that you can view for free. All the teachers have their specific course laid out for you to see in advance. This equips you with plenty of information with which to make your decisions.

Why is ArtistWorks in our Recommendations?

instrument lessons

Again our first choice is Playground Sessions, but ArtistWorks is an excellent program for that who want a more intimate and personalized touch in their practice of how to learn Piano.

The one on one instruction through video exchange makes this platform very unique.

Video About ArtistWorks

4. Piano For All

online piano lessons

The Pianoforall course is a resource that is stuffed full of information, and one of our top picks.

All of their information is compatable with almost any device you use, so you get access to ebooks, audio lessons, video, sheet music etc….

It only real fault is the lack of new technology, but it still makes the list because some of you don’t want or need that, and may even prefer a little more old school learning style.

Great For Beginners
Progressions that make it quick and easy to learn with and a simple layout that doesn’t require that you be tech savvy.

Huge Resource List
A step by step process to improving with loads of great material. A huge amount of ebooks and video material to digest.

Over 30 Hours of Content
You will learn to read music, the basic playing techniques to approach any song, you don’t need any experience and can use a keyboard or traditional piano.

Why Piano For All?

learn to play Piano online

The name kind of sums it up. This really is a course that can show anyone how to play piano.

It does not offer any advanced features but is hands down the most affordable learn to play piano course online.

Watch our Video review of PianoForAll

Why Are Online Lessons So Great?

The benefits here are very straightforward: you will save time and money while progressing at whatever speed you are willing to commit to.

Your practice schedule and intensity are placed entirely in your hands and, with some courses, you can even establish an accountability partner to keep you on track.

Because of the advancements on the internet over the past 20 years, the online method of learning piano, guitar lessons, vocal lessons online, other musical instruments, or even dating and technology like Bitcoin really are superior to the traditional teaching methods.

We hope that our reviews have helped you to select a good fit to use in your learning strategy.