Learn How to Play Piano Online – Flowkey Course Review

FlowKey, our second choice as an online piano lessons method is much different from our first pick overall (Playground Sessions). Flowkeyis an App as opposed to an actual online course.

It offers a very easy start-up in which you can get going in just a few minutes, and if you are interested in only learning few songs that you are specifically interested in then this App might be enough for you.

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Starting With FlowKey Is Very Easy

Learn piano online App
online piano lessons App

Flowkey teaches by employing several basic videos that require a microphone in the device to which you have downloaded the App. Once you are hooked up it gives you feedback as you play.

The App listens to you as you play and scores you so that you play the song correctly. Once the video loads you hit play and go along with the program. From there you see the hand positions above and the sheet music below. The keys a lite up as the song progresses.

There is a slow-motion mode, regular mode, and fast mode that can be used when you are learning a song.

There are some very quick instructions on hand position and posture but otherwise, Flowkey concentrates on teaching specific songs.

You are asked to start with a Beethoven classic and then, once finished move along to the main dashboard. (Picture on the left) If you are trying to learn piano and you have never heard of Beethoven just slap yourself now and then follow the link.

For those who are total beginners, there are a few introductory courses than you can play through to get more prepared for some of the songs. (pictured right)

piano courses app

So Why is Flowkey One of Our Top Picks?

Ease of use. You can literally be online learning songs on your piano within minutes. It’s fun, it allows you to play specific songs, you can access it with a free trial and, if you decide to upgrade, it is very affordable compared to other learning tools.

In order to get access to all of the song library, you will need to upgrade to a paid version.

There are many different App that teaches how to play piano songs and none of them are designed to teach you the mastery of the piano as an instrument. Flowkey is no different. You can learn songs from their selection very effectively but you will not come away from the App with the knowledge of how to play piano in an old-school style. Well, I didn’t anyway.

What I mean is that you can learn to fake it if all you want is to smash through a few songs for a singalong party or to cover with your band, but don’t expect to suddenly have an ear for music that allows you to pull off the classics. The App is not at all designed for that.

We picked it near the top because it presents an alternative option to some of the more rounded online piano courses. It is, however, an excellent App for those who have a more narrow view as to what they want to accomplish as a piano player.

If you are looking to really know the instrument then we suggest you check out our review of Playground sessions.