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Learn to Play Piano With Playground Sessions Because it is The Best

Online program for piano

Learning piano online became way easier as soon as Playground Sessions hit the marketplace. If you want to learn how to play piano it is the total Package as far as online Piano Lessons are concerned. It is an affordable and fantastic substitute for in-person piano lessons.

It is highly interactive, complete with a multitude of video lessons and a large library of songs where you can learn to play piano using your favorite songs.

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So What is Inside? What Makes Playground Sessions The Best Online Piano Course

The many features including high-quality HD video instruction, easy to use dashboard, vast song library. The Piano lessons provide excellent instruction leading you through the basic and advanced materials while making it fun.


This is the section that contains all of the foundations. It is arranged by level of difficulty. You simply select the lesson you would like to work on and download it with the software. Work on it at your own pace and then download the next when ready.


This is a very useful tool as a progress tracker. It does, however, depend on what type of tool you are using. Is it a traditional piano or a keyboard with all the right computer connections.

If you are learning with a fairly modern keyboard then it is recommended that you make use of the dashboard by plugging into it. It is an excellent progress tracker and has a variety of cool features. You can actually earn points from you playing scores that can be used to purchase additional songs to learn.


The amount of available songs within the how to learn piano section is large and diverse. It is one of the key components that make Playground sessions such an excellent online course. You as the student can decide which songs you want to learn. This gives the lessons a much more personal feel and keeps you motivated to learn because you are now having fun with the exact songs that you love to hear.


Check out some of PlaygroundSessions intro Videos below

Playground Sessions Set-up

Dashboard & Progress Guide

Playground Sessions Song Library

BootCamp Guide

Our Thoughts After Using The Program

In my video review, I covered a few things about the software and what makes it tick.

The Learn Piano online program does a great job at walking the student through a series of progressive steps that add more tools that can be applied as you go. Each section builds on the previous section to add to the skills of the student, giving them the fundamentals to learn increasingly complex scores.

It combines sheet music with technology by using several visual aids, which facilitate quicker learning and better retention.

Although I can give you a video review with plenty of details about the piano lessons themselves, what I can’t do is walk you through the experience of how effective the system is in teaching. Well, not without a multi-hour review that shows you my progress through several lessons.

So, in a way, my review falls short of demonstrating just how complete and comprehensive of an online piano course this actually is. I have not found a better way to learn piano online anywhere, and I have looked at several different programs.

I can only suggest that you look into it further.

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