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If You Could Be a Better Singer For $100 or For $1000 Which Would You Choose?

The fact is, you could pay a lot of money to take voice lessons from a professional teacher.

With an Average of $50 per hour, the cost can add up very quickly. I know of several people who have spent $3000 or more in just one year.

Granted, they did improve quite a bit from where they began, but I know that they could have achieved the same results while paying much less.

Personal, I have tried both methods of training, Online and face to face, and it ultimately comes down to your own willingness to practice the techniques that you learn from the lessons.

So if you are going to learn the same techniques why pay more if you don’t have to. Unless, of course, the cost isn’t an issue.

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You Don’t Need to Pay Thousands to Improve Your Voice

Online Vocal Lessons are very affordable and very effective.

They are convenient, easy to follow and provide hundreds of hours of instruction in a variety of singing disciplines.

If you are a self-starter and willing to practice to be a better singer then these are for you.

Below are a few of our recommendations and reviews:

Best How to Sing Lesson Websites

RankCourseLogoSkill LevelCostOfficial WebsiteFull Review
1.The Superior Singing MethodHow to Sing OnlineBeginner to Advanced$$Click Here For Their Video Explanation of The CourseRead Review
2.SingProVoice lessons onlineBeginner to Advanced$$$Check Out Their Official Website
Click Here
Read Review
3.SingoramaOnline voice lessonsBeginner to Intermediate$Watch a Video From Their HomePage
Click Here
Read Review
4.MasterClass - Christina AguileraOnline Voice LessonsBeginner ti Intermediate$$View a complete Lesson Index on Their Official Site
Click Here
Read Review
5.Singing Success 360online vocal coursesBeginner to Advanced$$$Visit Their Official Site
Click Here
Read Review

1. The Superior Singing Method

The winner and our personal favorite recommendation is the Superior Singing Method by Aaron Anastasi.

It is simple, easy to follow, affordable, and delivers what it promises.

This is a very good option, and the best of the How to Sing Online training we have reviewed.

online voice lessons

There is a lot of knowledge within this course and Aaron comes across as someone who really just wants to help people learn how to sing better.

The singing lessons and overall vocal training are targeted toward beginners and intermediate level singers

It might be good for you: Online Voice Lessons

Great For Beginners

Because of the ease of use of the step by step process, the course allows you to follow through as you add building blocks to you singing know how. If you are a beginner then this is highly recommended.

Intermediate Singers Welcome

There are many different modules to view. As you move through the course the instruction begins to focus on more advanced techniques. The module format allows you to begin anywhere in the course.

Cost Effective Sub to In-Person Coaching

If you don’t have access to face-to-face coaching because of geographic location, travel time, or cost, then The Superior Singing Method is a very affordable alternative.

Aaron Anastasi - Vocal Teacher

Superior Singing Method Vocal Coach

I’ve helped over 10,000 singers improve their voice. Amateur singers and professional recording artists have experienced major breakthroughs with my singing course.

Superior Singing Method has over 31 awesome Voice training Techniques!

The Singing Method system is separated into the following modules:

  1.  Unique Vocal Warm-ups
  2. Breath Management and Diaphragm Breathing
  3. Mastering Vocal Tone
  4. Improving Pitch
  5. Resonance and Singing With Power
  6. The Mix Voice and Singing Higher Notes
  7. Improving Vocal Agility
  8. Advanced Strengthening and Vocal Techniques

Get A Sneak Peak Of The Members Area

2. SingPro - Online Vocal Lessons

Next in cue for us is  SingPro

Again it is simple, easy to follow, and affordable.

It’s good option that provides some additional visuals to assist with the course.

Voice lessons online

Pitch Training

Singprofocuses on a few things like pitch training to help with lead vocals as well as harmonies, it even offers a vocal recorder so that you can track progress or upload karaoke tracks.

Course Available For All Devices

No matter what type of device you are using Singprohas the format to match it. This means you can take your Voice Lessons anywhere with you, Record things on your phone for later.

Reasonably Priced

It has an all in cost of $150 USD which is good considering the volume of material provided. Like every Online course, it beats the price of in-person lessons by a large margin.

3. Singorama 2.0

Our third overall pick is SingoRama.

This Vocal course is different from all the other courses reviewed here in one major way…. There are no video lessons. Only Audio and worksheets.

Online vocal lessons Singorama

Even without video Singorama has the most information about how to improve your voice. If you are an information junkie then Singorama is a course that you should look into a little more.

In reality singing is all about the audio, so anyone can learn without the video that is provided in other tutorials.

More Than Voice

Singorama also diversifies its teaching to address performance anxiety and bad singing habits. It takes on a few subjects that other training doesn’t spend any time with.

Full of Information

Whatever they lack in video content they make up for with huge volume of content. It is the most comprehensive course with almost 30 audio modules and plenty of written info.

Very Affordable

Singorama is the least expensive of all the courses we have reviewed. If you do not want or need video to learn singing, then this is a great option for you. There is plenty of great material.

4. Singing Success 360

See our review of the Singing Success 360 online vocal program

Created many moons ago by Brett Manning, Singing Success was once a very popular vocal training program. It still is though there are many new programs which have divided the market share.

online vocal courses

Obviously a program that has been around for 15 years needs to keep on adding material as internet technology advances and 360SS does just that.

They have created a step by step guide as to how to use their course and how to sing better.

Beginners Welcome

The Lesson schedule is laid out step by step and 360SS has received a lot of feedback over the years from users who were just starting out. That makes this one of the best vocal courses for beginners.

One-on-One Coaching Available

For more Advanced singers who want to get to that next level, 360SS also offers specific products and an option to sign up for one on one live coaching. It cost extra but is an added feature.

Easy to Follow

Step by step guides charts a course that is easy to follow and allows you to keep track of progress in an organized manner. The additional feature options can also stop you from getting stuck.

Check Out Our Video Review Here!!

5. MASTERCLASS by Christina Aguilera

Check Out Our Full Review of Masterclass

Masterclass is an excellent Website that has gathered together many pros from various discipline. Christina Aguilera is just one of those. She is the website’s resident singing expert.

It is a good course for those just getting started who just happen to be a fan of the singer/performer.

Online Voice Lessons

There is a definite value when you can get advice from someone who has gone and successfully done the things you want to do.

And no doubt about it Christina has taken a singing career and her talent about as far as anyone can.

Christina Herself

I for one could spend days just watching her sing and perform, but the added bonus of actually learning while doing so is Awesome. We would rank this course higher but realize that a celebrity teacher isn’t for all.

Full Course

With 23 complete lessons, the course is full of material to enjoy. Plus there are a few video’s that focus mostly on performance. Great if you are a fan. Sometimes its just good to see a pro do it.

Unlimited Access

Learn now or later. Once you buy the course you can access it for as long as the website exists. This gives you a chance to review things weeks later, and even watch a few performance sessions later.

Online Voice Lessons - Many Advantages

Technology allows you access to anything you want to learn and it is only a few clicks of a mouse away

Need some voice lessons from the top vocal coach on the planet, no problem. 

Online courses are available, giving you access to knowledge and secrete singing techniques without having to physically go to lessons.

This convenience is a fantastic benefit, but some of the best coaching at your fingertips is even better.

If you live in a small town you can still get coaching from someone in Hollywood.

So singing Lessons at your convenience plus access to the best material… AWESOME

What about the price factor?

The price for a single session 1hr session with a professional vocal coach is sometimes more than an entire online training program.



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