Learn How To Sing – 360 Singing Success a Review

Singing Sucess 360 is another good way to improve your singing via an online course. At present we are not recommending this course as they have increased the cost of the online singing lessons and we feel that other courses offer more value per dollar as a result, but it was one of our top recommendation in the past.

This is not the cheapest online singing training available but it is still a well done and professional course. If you want something a little less expensive you can see some of our other reviews by clicking here.

Watch Our Video Review of Singing Success

Please note that this is a review of the older version of singing success. It has since made improvements but a big change in price has knocked it off of our recommendations list.

What You Get With 360 Singing Success

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Singing Success 360 is composed primarily of Audio lessons (30 hours worth) but has been adding to its video lesson over time.

You can access the lessons by streaming from their website or downloading or by getting copies of the physical Cds.

The lessons are divided into two broad sections, Technique and Style, and are delivered by the course creator and main instructor Brett Manning.

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Complete Course

This has all the information that you need to improve your singing.

Good For All Levels

Starting with no experience is not a problem, and more advanced singers will find plenty to help them improve.

Actively Upgrading Course

The 360 course is actually an upgrade from the original version and singing success will be doing improvements in the future also.

Experienced Teachers

Brett Manning is no rookie to singing instruction, and the course was developed after years of one on one experience.

Course Creator Brett Manning

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Brett Manning is the developer of Singing Success 360 and created the course after finding that there were no online singing training courses that met with a standard he wanted.

After spending a lot of time, money and effort to improve his own voice with these special and unique exercises, but he began teaching and sharing this technique with others.

Years of testing led him to put together a set of exercises that would become the foundation for this program.  After 15 years of training, there has been a great deal of feedback and students testimonials, allowing Brett to constantly improve the training.

This program has been successful for over 15 years.

Brett not only teaches amateur singers improve their voices, but he’s worked with many famous and ultra-successful singers over the years as well.

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