Learn How to Sing – Christina Aguilera MASTERCLASS Review

Christina’s Learn How to sing Masterclass is a well planned online course with 23 lessons delivered by one of the best and well-known singers in music today.

I want to note that just because someone is good at their craft it does not necessarily mean that they are able to teach it very well. Christina Aguilera, however, does an excellent job.

Here are some Video clips from the MASTERCLASS itself.

MASTERCLASS - Online Singing Lessons - Course Components.

The MASTERCLASS Website itself is a group of professional educating their specific skillset with their own field. Christina is just one of the available instructors and her skill is, obviously, singing.

The Vocal Training course itself consists of three main components:

  • Lessons and Assignments
  • Contributions
  • The Workbook

Lets take a look at each of these.

1. WorkBook and Contributions

Vocal Training Masterclass

The MASTERCLASS course provides a useful pdf workbook to assist the progress of the individual student.

The idea here is to keep the follow through of the users as high as possible. In general, many people who begin a course do take it all the way through. They start a few lessons, get distracted and then stop altogether before getting any tangible results. The WorkBook is here to aid in preventing that.

It consists of lesson recaps and assignments, a section for notes and goals, as well as a suggested viewing schedule for the 23 lessons in the program. In order to learn how to sing better, there is a time and practice commitment needed. The WorkBook schedules the course over a 6 week period.

sing better today

Communicate With Other Student Singers

With each video lesson, there is a discussion section (shown above) where you can talk to others and ask questions.

There is also a private group that you can join on FaceBook once you are enrolled in the course.

2. Lessons and Assignments

At the very heart of this How to Sing better MASTERCLASS course are 23 HD video lessons all designed to get you singing better.

All lessons are streamed directly from the Website while you are logged in. You can follow the recommendation of 6 weeks to complete the course or move more quickly  (or slowly) if you choose.

Learn to Sing online
  1. Introduction
  2. Christina’s Inspiration
  3. Warming Up
  4. Protecting Your Voice
  5. Range
  6. Student Session: Pop Style
  7. Student Session: Simplify
  8. Student Session: Rock Style
  9. Diction
  10. Mastering Vocal Techniques
  11. Playing with Textures and Tones
  12. Duets 1: Rehearsal Prep

13. Duets 2: Perfecting the Performance
14. The Beat
15. Live Microphones
16. Studio Microphones
17. Performance Anxiety
18. Singing it Live
19. Overcoming Mistakes
20. Advice for Artists
21. Self-Expression
22. Christina’s Journey
23. Closing

Be a better singer

What is Inside These Lessons?

I suggest you visit the MasterClass Website to get a full description of each of the lessons by clicking below.

But, in brief, the first few lessons deal with warm-ups, exercises, and voice preservation techniques.

Another lesson, one of my favs, is on the topic of vocal range. This one is fun because it has a few interactive features and is centered on discovering your own top and bottom. It is a fun tool but requires that you have a microphone on your computer.

Some of the lessons are centered specifically on Christina’s thoughts and perspectives. These are great for those of us who are fans.

We Highly Recommend The MasterClass Online Singing Course

learn singing with Masterclass

Christina puts clearly stamps her own flavor upon this online singing course. So if you are a fan of hers then this is highly recommended.

If fact we recommend this even for those who are unfamiliar with her as a performer because the techniques and tools given in the course are excellent. Plus it is never a bad thing to hear the perspective and thought the process of someone who has achieved a great deal within their field of practice.

If you are not a fan then there are other options and our primary choice for an alternate is the Superior Singing Method Click Here for our full review.

That said, unless you really don’t want to have you singing lessons given by Christina Aguilera herself then we do think that you can greatly improve your singing skills by signing up and working through this course.

The Masterclass program is good for beginners or advanced singers alike. We suggest you check it out.

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