Learn How to Sing – Singorama 2.0 Review

Singorama is now on its second version and it has made many improvements since its first installment. It is the most informative online vocal training package that we have reviewed, and will definitely be effective for those who apply the knowledge and do the practice.

Created by the Australian born Melanie Alexander, known for being the lead singer of an Aussie pop group from the 90’s, Singorama is her method for improving one’s singing ability.

She used the same techniques within Singoramato propel her to some big success within the Australian music scene and decided to share some of her knowledge with us.

Melanie Alexander Talks Singoroma

Singorama has a lot of material and has helped many people know how to be a better singer, as evidenced by the many testimonials about Singorama. Click Here.

This course could be a great fit for some of you and really help to speed up your improvements. She made it as a singer and her online vocal lessons can show you how to improve also.

How To Sing Lessons With Singorama - Whats Included?

Online vocal lessons Singorama

For those of you who are comfortable doing vocal lessons without the benefit of video explanations then Singorama provides online vocal training that works. If however, you do need video instructions then we suggest you look into the Superior Singing Method which we have also reviewed.

For those of you ok without video Sigorama is great and features:

  • 28 Modules of step by step instruction
  • A 60 day money back guarantee
  • Consumer friendly pricing
  • A super informative cluster of voice material
Online voice lessons

Singorama 2.0 Lots of Content

With 28 Audio modules combined with multiple Ebooks, worksheets, and other tools Sigorama is easily the most comprehensive online vocal training program.

Singing Phycology

Voice lessons are about many things and Singorama covers what you might expect plus a lot more.  Performance anxiety, audition tips, and bad habits to avoid are just a few.

Song Writing & Performance

We want to sing better not only for ourselves but because we are eventually going to perform for an audience. Singorama covers this as well as dabbling into how to write songs and participate in a band dynamic.

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