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What is Bitcoin

Learn About Bitcoin

Unless you are living under a rock then you have probably heard of Bitcoin by now, but what is Bitcoin and how does it work?

What makes one Digital Currency different from another?

So many questions and so many people with so many confusing answers.

But nonetheless, learning about money is important!! You use it right?!

The fact that Bitcoin is an online decentralized digital currency that is censorship resistant, peer-to-peer, and a trustworthy worldwide digital ledger (the first of its kind) means that it truly is something that we should all learn the basic fundamentals about.

Goods news… There are plenty of people online teaching you just that… and doing it for free. In this case, leaning via an online course or series really is your best bet. Good luck with trying to find a local Bitcoin teacher to take hourly lessons from.

While there are many hours of videos about Bitcoin on YouTube, and articles all over the internet, these can sometimes be overwhelming and seem contradictory to each other.

We think the people listed below might help to shed some light on the situation for you.

1. Bitcoin Crypto Consulting

Blockchain p2p

We believe it is always best to equip yourself with some basic foundational knowledge so that you can recognize the misinformation and outright charlatans that are in the space.

We recommend you watch a video produced by the people at What is Bitcoin?

They also have a short video series you can opt-in for that set a proper foundation for what it’s not.

Introductory Content
Video’s and articles that are focused on giving clarity to beginners as while keeping things concise and simple.

Value At No Cost
They do not have anything to sell you. While you can follow links to other products off their site and they do take donations in Bitcoin they are really only giving information to keep people informed.

Find Reviews About Wallets, Altcoins & Exchanges
They do reviews similar to our music website reviews. Check them out because they are sure to help you pick the best stuff.

Trying to Wrap your Head Around Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin

The information provided on their website and specificaly in the video series, helped us view other material on these subjects with much more clarity.

Check out their What Is Bitcoin Video below and Enjoy

More Reviews of Other Bitcoin Education Sites Coming

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